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Rest.  Something we all long for and yet seemingly alludes us at every turn.  Why is that?  Part of the problem is that we seek rest in all of the wrong places.  Personally, I buy into the lie that tv or internet will provide rest.  Perusing websites or watching a show entices me to let go of normal life and simply enjoy the moment.  Rarely, however, do they provide the rest they promised.  What’s the problem?  We were created to find rest first and foremost in Jesus Christ.  In Matthew 11:28-29, Jesus tells us to go to him so we may find rest.  Our souls (and bodies) will only find true rest when we rest in our true redeemer, the one who gave us eternal life and forgiveness.  Thus, we must be a people who run first to Christ and experience the rest he gives.  How do we do that?  We must identify what stirs our hearts for Jesus and then regularly engage in that activity.  For me it’s reading a good book with no requirements.  Just simply reading and enjoying who the Lord is.  What stirs your heart for the Lord?  May you find that activity that points you to Christ and find the rest you are looking for!
                                           Pastor Derek


                          Derek Van Ruler, Lead Pastor

October 2022 is the month we celebrate 10 years as a church.  What a grace from God!  Statistically speaking, many new churches do not last 5 years, let alone 10 years.  And yet over the last 10 years, God has and continues to work in glorious ways.  First, we’ve seen 18 people baptized.  Second, we’ve seen our membership grow to 31 adults plus children and regular attenders.  Third, we’ve seen our internal giving increase to a projected $65,000 for 2022.  But more importantly, people have experienced restored marriages and relationships.  Others have heard and trusted Christ for the first time in their life.  Still others have grown to understand scripture with the ability to study for the Bible for themselves.  And lastly others have stepped out in faith to lead various groups or ministries in the church.  God has worked in ways beyond any of us imagined. All glory be to God!   

We want to hear from you! If you have a story of how you have seen God working in your life or the life of someone else in our church, we would love to include your story in our next newsletter. Please contact Rhiannon @ 570-850-2769 or by email at:  
What's Happening At SCC

Equip Seminar: Do you know what the Bible says about our money?  In Matthew 6:19-24, Jesus challenges his followers to reflect where they are storing up their treasure, on earth or in heaven. In our next Equip seminar, we will discover what the Bible says about our finances and how we can better plan and budget to better glorify God with our resources.  Join us on October 26th at 6:30pm.

Forum: Want to understand what the Bible says about God’s Design for Gender and Identity? Join us on November 11th (evening) and November 12th (morning) at Emmanuel Bible Fellowship as we hear from Dr. Joseph Kim, Professor at Lancaster Bible College, speak on what the Bible says about gender and sexuality and how we can lovingly respond.  Note: this is a private event, open only for those within Sunbury City Church and our partner churches.  To attend, you must register at (you will be redirected to a webpage from Emmanuel Bible Fellowship Church).  

Members Meeting: Calling all members! On November 13th directly following the Sunday Gathering we will gather for our next members meeting.  We will eat and fellowship together followed by a time to hear what God is doing in and through Sunbury City Church. 




Missional Communities are groups of people gathering as a family, growing as servants, and going as missionaries to a designated target area to reach their neighbors with the good news of Jesus Christ.  Currently, we have four of these groups that meet and would love for you to join us!  If you are interested in joining a group, please contact us at:
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We exist to glorify God by making disciples who love God, live the Gospel, embrace our community, and plant movements.  With your support, we can better carry out this mission.  If you are able, please consider becoming a financial partner with us.  You can give online at: or in person, by placing your donation in our offering boxes.  
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