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Mark’s account of calling the first disciples found in Mark 1:16-20 has always impressed me. If you read Luke’s account in Luke 5:1-11, you will note that the disciples dropped everything to follow Jesus just after Jesus performed a massive miracle. In Luke, we read how Peter, James, and John had fished all night, catching nothing, when Jesus strolls up and calls them to let their nets out one more time. After some initial reluctance, Peter obeys, and they catch so much fish, their boats begin to sink. Imagine owning a business and bringing in the most profit you have ever received in one day. At this sight, Peter falls on his knees and worships Jesus, saying, “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord.”
On the other hand, Mark tells this story quickly in his trademark. In his account, Jesus walks up to Peter, Andrew, James, and John and tells them to follow him, which they do immediately. Why the difference? The point Mark seeks to make is this: when Jesus calls to you, you go. What Jesus says, you do. You follow Jesus without hesitation and reservation. Jesus is the Messiah and Lord. We follow his command. This should be true of our lives today as well. Jesus, as reigning Lord and Savior, has every right to call us, and we answer that call with a willing and willful heart. Is that true of your heart? May each of us become people who follow the call of Christ without hesitation.