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How do you vacation? Our family enjoys the beach, taking adventures to new cities or regions of our country, sleeping in hotels with indoor pools, and simply being together. Thus to prepare for our trips, we put together a list of all the items we want to bring, ensuring we pack our toiletries, food, books, toys for the boys, and most of all, our Bibles and journals. Vacations are a great time to get away and enjoy something new. Most of us feel refreshed after a good vacation. But if not careful, our vacations can be void of spiritual and soul rest because they are void of God. So as you are thinking about your summer vacations, looking at locations, booking hotels, and planning what to bring, ensure that you are preparing with God in view! How? Here are four quick tips: First, bring your Bible, a journal, and a pen to get time with God daily in his word and prayer. Second, intentionally carve out time for God. This will require planning. Think about each day and the fun festivities you will engage and then plan some time before the day begins to get with God. You will need to get to bed by a specific time. It is tempting on vacation to stay up late and sleep in just before you need to get up. Resist the temptation. Get to bed, and get time with God. You will not regret it! Third, as you go about your vacation, ask God to show you the grace in each element. Every wave crashing upon the shore was created by God. He knows every single molecule in the ocean. Every bite of a refreshing ice cream cone reminds us of a God who generously gives and refreshes our souls. So ask God to show you his grace in every element. Lastly, if you vacation on a Sunday, find a gospel-preaching, Christ-exalting church and worship with the saints there. This will encourage your soul. (If you need recommendations, I would love to help you find one!) Vacations are fun and a blessing from God; just be sure to include God as the central focus of your vacation.