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Sunbury City Church Newsletter

May, 2022

As many of you know this past month was a wonderful time for our family to visit extended family, see friends that we have not seen in nearly a decade, and visit other brothers and sisters of Christ in churches across our country while seeing the beauty God has blessed our country with. During our journey, the Lord began to do a greater work in my heart, revealing to me a couple of areas I long for our church to continue to pursue with all of the vigor we can.  The first is simply a refocus on Jesus Christ.  Life, ministry, work, etc can truly bog us down and distract us from what really matters.  And the reality is, the thing that matters most in our lives is a love for Jesus Christ.  I say a love for Jesus because so often we can see him, know him, but be so busy that our heart is not in awe of him.  It’s like driving to the Grand Canyon and seeing the hole in the ground, only to turn around 3 seconds later to return home.  That’s often how we approach Jesus.  My hope and prayer is that we would be a church that would slow down enough that we might see Jesus and be in awe of him again.  And the second is that out of a love for Jesus, we would desire to mature in our faith, becoming more and more like Jesus everyday.  It’s easy to let life live us.  My hope for us is that we, by the power of the Holy Spirit, would begin to see our sin and put it to death (Romans 8:13).  We would no longer placate our sin, but rather see its destructive force and want to root it out of our lives so that we might replace it with desires that match Jesus Christ.  Church, might God grow us so that we love him more and as a result look more like him.  Would you join me in prayer for this hope?

                                          Pastor Derek

                          Derek Van Ruler, Lead Pastor

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder.  I (Derek) discovered this as my family reintegrated into church life after our multi-week vacation.  Upon returning, I heard story after story of how God worked in our absence.  In one situation, God used a man in our church to continue to grow in his leadership ability to the point that he longs to lead others to know more about Jesus Christ.  In another case, God used a woman in our church to initiate multiple spiritual conversations with family or co-workers, each time mentioning how Jesus has changed her life.  And still in a third scenario, I heard of stories of our corporate body rallying together to ensure that ministry was faithfully carried out despite the Pastor’s absence.  As I witnessed or listened to these stories, I simply rejoiced in how the Lord was forming us into a corporate body, dependent not on the Pastor but on the Savior Jesus Christ.  Praise the Lord!

We want to hear from you! If you have a story of how you have seen God working in your life or the life of someone else in our church, we would love to include your story in our next newsletter. Please contact Rhiannon @ 570-850-2769 or by email at:  
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Members Meeting:  May 15 @12pm.  We believe the healthiest version of church life is where membership is taken seriously.  We value the corporate unity of the church where each member is able to display their gifts.  The best way to experience and express this unity is through our members meetings.  If you are a member please mark this date on the calendar and join us.  If you would like to know more about membership please email our office at

Prayer Night: May 25 @6:30p.  We believe God wants to answer our prayers.  We invite you to join us as we seek the Lord’s direction for our lives, our community, our world, and our church.  Childcare and snacks will be provided.

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Missional Communities are groups of people gathering as a family, growing as servants, and going as missionaries to a designated target area to reach their neighbors with the good news of Jesus Christ.  Currently, we have four of these groups that meet and would love for you to join us!  If you are interested in joining a group, please contact us at:
One Challenge
The New Testament describes the gospel of Jesus Christ as good news.  Paul says this news declares that there is no condemnation if we are in Christ Jesus.  And yet many in our community and our lives walk around with a weight of condemnation.  We want to encourage you to prayerfully consider who God has put in your life that you might begin to pray for their salvation and the opportunity to share the gospel with them.  Then we will display their name on our board so we can rejoice together in how God is using us to light our community with the gospel of Christ.  

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