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Throughout Romans we’ve seen Paul warn us about the danger of resting in our works rather than resting in the glorious work of Jesus Christ.  It is all too easy to believe that we have the power to make ourselves right before God, when in fact we fall terribly short.  The greatest danger is actually what Jesus warns us of in Revelation 2:1-7.  Here Jesus is speaking to the church at Ephesus.  Time and time again they were commanded by Paul to guard the truth and protect the flock as false teachers would come in or even arise among their ranks to lead people astray.  In an effort to protect the flock, they had done so well that according to Revelation 2:4 they had inadvertently lost their first love, a love for Jesus Christ.  Unfortunately they had “obeyed so well” that they actually forgot who they were serving, Jesus Christ.  They lost sight of the work of Christ and resting in that glorious work that they became all consumed in this new work of protecting the church.  How easy it is for us to participate in the work of God and yet miss the greater work he has already done for us in Jesus Christ.  Church, let us not fall prey to performing and missing precious grace we have already been given in Jesus Christ.  May we regularly seek Jesus Christ and plead with him to renew our love for him on a daily basis.  Without this love, our faith will falter.  May we turn back and remember the glorious grace of Jesus Christ and simply rest in the work of the gospel so that our love might be fanned into a flame for Jesus Christ.
                                           Pastor Derek


                          Derek Van Ruler, Lead Pastor

For the past 4-5 years different ladies within Sunbury City Church have gathered in discipleship groups for the purpose of digging deeper into God’s word and applying his truths to one another’s lives.  Recently some of the original members who had not led before, decided to start and lead a brand new group inviting a couple other women into the group so that they might discuss how to live for Jesus in every day life.  They are taking a step of faith to help other ladies grow in their faith.  Praise God for this massive movement to the next generation of discipleship.  

We want to hear from you! If you have a story of how you have seen God working in your life or the life of someone else in our church, we would love to include your story in our next newsletter. Please contact Rhiannon @ 570-850-2769 or by email at:  
What's Happening At SCC

First Sundays: First Sundays of every month.  We want to be open and transparent about what goes on around Sunbury City Church as well as provide an opportunity to answer any questions you may have through our current sermon series.  First Sundays meet in the fellowship hall on the first Sunday of the month directly following our Sunday Gathering and are open to new people or regular attenders/members.

Prayer Night: July 27 @6:30pm Every other month we gather together to simply pray for a God who hears us and desires for us to seek him.  When we pray we express our utter dependence upon him for our personal and corporate lives.  We would love for you to join us and pray for Sunbury City Church, Sunbury city, and for one another.  

Mission Team, July 15-16.  Oak Ridge Baptist Church from Connelly Springs, NC will be visiting Sunbury once again this year, bringing over 20 people to spruce up the church building.  Please stop by and express your gratitude at some point either day.

Men’s Fellowship, July 30 @7a-11a.  Calling all men!  You’re invited to join us for a Men’s Fellowship time.  We will eat breakfast together, fish, enjoy the outdoors, talk about life, and hear from God’s word.  Meet us in the church parking lot at 7am and we will travel from there to our final destination.  

Letters to the Churches Series, July 24th.  We will be pausing on our series in the book of Romans to look at the letters to the 7 churches found in Revelation 2-3.  This is Jesus stark warning to his church about the dangers of compromise and losing our first love for Jesus Christ.  May we take heed and turn to Jesus Christ.  



Missional Communities are groups of people gathering as a family, growing as servants, and going as missionaries to a designated target area to reach their neighbors with the good news of Jesus Christ.  Currently, we have four of these groups that meet and would love for you to join us!  If you are interested in joining a group, please contact us at:
One Challenge
The New Testament describes the gospel of Jesus Christ as good news.  Paul says this news declares that there is no condemnation if we are in Christ Jesus.  And yet many in our community and our lives walk around with a weight of condemnation.  We want to encourage you to prayerfully consider who God has put in your life that you might begin to pray for their salvation and the opportunity to share the gospel with them.  Then we will display their name on our board so we can rejoice together in how God is using us to light our community with the gospel of Christ.  

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